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"On behalf of the faculty and staff of Krum Middle School, thank you for keeping your word when we first met regarding Family Heritage.. As promised, you provided a brief, yet informative presentation during staff development training. Moreover, you consistently delivered excellent customer service on multiple trips to our campus. You were informative and ensured that all who were interested in Family Heritage had their questions answered effectively.

I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness of preparation prior to each visit.  Your approach was welcoming which resulted in many of our staff members choosing to enroll in your program. The selling point for many who chose to participate in the program, is that should teachers not need to use the plan, their money is refunded.

Again, thank you for providing this valuable service to our staff. We appreciate your time and professionalism. We look forward to working with you in the future."  - Michelle Pieniazek, Principal - Krum Middle School

"My staff and I have been working with Mr. J.R. Hood over the past couple of months. Mr. Hood approached me about briefly visiting with my staff during a faculty meeting. When he came to the meeting, he was very prompt, brought goodies for my staff, and as promised, spoke very briefly about the benefits of Family Heritage.

Mr. Hood came to our campus multiple times so that he could meet with all interested parties at their convenience. Mr. Hood was always professional and well-prepared. He made my teachers feel very comfortable and many of them enrolled in the program. The comments from my staff about Family Heritage and his service have been nothing but positive.

I would like to thank Family Heritage for sending out such a wonderful representative of their company. Mr. Hood is very dedicated to this company and seems to be very proud to be able to offer my hard-working teachers affordable, supplemental insurance. I will welcome him back again next school year."  - Tammy Morris, EEC Principal - Krum ISD

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