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"I am writing to recommend the services of Belfor Property Restoration. In May 2013 we had a tornado severely damage two of our campuses.  The tornado happened on a Wednesday evening and Belfor was brought in on Thursday morning to assess the damage.  There was approximately $4 million of damage to the schools and we still had about three weeks of school before the summer break.  We were scrambling to find places to house the 1300 students which would be displaced over the next three weeks due to the severe damage.  After a thorough assessment of the destruction to both facilities Belfor assured us we could have students back in class at both schools beginning on the following Monday.

Although we were extremely skeptical, Belfor delivered on their promise and had our students back in class at both damaged facilities on Monday after the tornado.  They worked around the clock for the next four days conducting cleanup and restoration efforts.  We were so impressed with the restoration services provided by Belfor the district contracted with them to complete the major structural repairs.  Belfor worked diligently through the summer to accomplish the extensive task in order to get the facilities back to 100% before the students returned in August.

Belfor worked with our insurance company and their adjusters and always had the best interest of the district in mind.  Belfor also kept us in the loop with regular progress meetings and communicated with us throughout the entire process.

I'm happy to recommend the services of Belfor. Should the district ever encounter another disaster Belfor will get the call." - Barry Hipp, Executive Director, District Operations - Cleburne ISD

"BELFOR Property Restoration responded on November 1, 2015 to the Texas Heritage Museum, Hill College.  A toilet overflowed in our Historical Research Center, our archival division of the Texas Heritage Museum.  BELFOR was prompt to respond, fulfilled everything they promised in a timely manner, and restored the area.

BELFOR took great care of our Archival collections.  Over 15,000 books, 40 file cabinets, office furniture, and shelving had to packed and moved away from the effective area.  BELFOR was very professional during every step of the process.

BELFOR was amazing from point of contact tot he site staff.  At the Texas Heritage Museum we try to maintain high standards and strive to impress, however, it seems you have done the impressing!  Your staff's respect and appreciation made such an impact.  They are such a great role model for any company.  I instill in my staff that people do watch them and people do care how they get treated, even if it's only a "hello".  A small gesture can say so much.  We enjoyed working with BELFOR and plan to use them for any future property losses."  - John Versluis, Dean - Texas Heritage Museum

"BELFOR Property Restoration responded when the City of West had the fertilizer explosion on April 17, 2013.  They were in our city immediately helping residents board up their houses and providing free boxes to pack their contents; they set up a temporary office in town and fed people free of charge for a month.  BELFOR fulfilled the promised they made to our community.

BELFOR is the restoration company I chose personally to rebuild my house after the explosion.  Many other residents of West chose BELFOR to help during the emergency, clean contents and help in their rebuilding process.  The schools here in West used BELFOR as well.

When it came time for our City to have our one-year anniversary observance, BELFOR is the company we called to help build a platform, stairs and media steps.

As Mayor of the City of West, I know we can depend on BELFOR to respond quickly and efficiently, do a thorough job, and restore property to excellent condition." - Tommy Muska, Mayor - City of West

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